Review: Soulver for Mac

I noticed this app in the Mac App Store, and it seemed like a brilliant idea.The makers of Soulver, Acqualia Software, combined a notepad and a calculator into this brilliant application.

Soulver is essentially a smart calculator that works with words, to put it rather bluntly. As their video on their website suggests, it allows you to do math equations with a calculator, but as you’d think them. Take this for an example: let’s calculate how much it cost if I wanted to take a very bizarre trip to Indianapolis for exactly 49.6 days.

$1,005.93 per flight * 2 flights

= $2011.86

$502.91 per night * 49.6 nights


Total = $26956.20

$26956.20 in USD =


Big Answer window

Every currency known to man

It really does work like that. It detects units, and money, and quickly and easily and makes calculating pretty much any everyday equation simple, easy and fun. The only problem I have with this app is really the price. It’s brilliant, but I’m not sure it’s worth the $25 pricetag. Still, it’s an excellent app, receiving 4.5/5.

Now, a quick video, demonstrating what I just showed above. Watch fullscreen!

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  • Дмитрий Мазейко

    I’m not ready to pay $30 for calculator. I found more simple solution with the same functionality:

  • Kelly

    Thanks for the link! We’ll check it out!

  • TMU-Kelly

     Thanks for the link! We’ll check it out!