Welcome to The Mac Universe

Update May 2019: We have decided to sell the domain. So if you are interested in acquiring The Mac Universe, please shoot us a message at @TheMacUniverse on Twitter or sent an message to media {at} TheMacUniverse.com.


Hey all! As you might have noticed, The Mac Universe has been dormant for an exorbitant amount of time and that really saddens me.

When The Mac Universe first launched I was extremely passionate about it and was fortunate enough to gain some notoriety within the Apple blogosphere (do people still say that?) it was an extremely exciting time.

Unfortunately, as time went on. The website was put through the ringer. We got hacked, data was stolen, our articles ended up on other websites, we lost sponsors, we were screwed by our previous web host, and then my love for the project slowly died out. The fire, the passion, and the fun was simply, gone.

So, this is where you come in. I created a poll to see if there's still interest in The Mac Universe. If there is, I plan on going whole hog into it. If there's absolutely zero interest in an actual honest Apple blog, It will get the, "ol-yeller" treatment. The plug will be pulled and that, will be that. Lights out. For good. So! go on down and vote on this poll! Let's see what the results are!