Apple Announces New iPod Nano Updates

Phil Schiller just took the stage at the Let’s talk event and he jumped right into to the hardware news. Apple is update the iPod Nano with some new features.  It’s going to keep the same snazzy design as last year, it’s still equipped with the same multi-touch display, compact design,FM radio, pedometer, etc. The biggest update seems to be the software.  You’ll now be able to swipe between the icons of the applications instead of using the grid layout like before. There’s only one single icon visible at a time.

They are including new clock faces, Phil stated that the watch bands for the iPod Nano were fun, so Apple decided to create more watch faces for us so we can change the way the clock looks when we’re wearing the iPod Nano like a watch. There’s going to be 16 new clock faces in total.

The “new” nano will be sold for $129 for 8GB version and $149 for the 16GB model. They will be available for purchase today. (Apple Store)

iPod Nano Watch Faces

iPod Nano Features

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