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FL Studio Coming To iOS Devices Soon!

Hell might be freezing over after all. I have some great news for you that are into music production. The highly acclaimed music creating software FL Studio is coming to the iOS pl ..

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Software Update: Apple Releases iOS 4.3.1

Apple has released their first maintenance update for iOS 4.3, quite logically numbered 4.3.1. The build number of this release is 8G4. It offers no new features but a host of glit ..

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Apple Posts iMovie, iBooks, and Garageband Tour Videos For iPad 2

Apple has posted some very pretty guided video tours for the iPad 2 that's set to launch on Friday, March 11th, 2011. The videos include Garageband, iMovie, and iBooks. The video w ..

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iOS 4.3 Released!

Apple just released the latest iteration of the iOS operating system.  The update was covered last week at the iPad 2 special media event and rumored to be released Thursday. ..

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AirView Gives You Airplay Viewing on Any iOS Device

AirView might be a new app name to put on your awesome apps list, especially if the app stays in the AppStore longer than 24 hours.  This simple, yet, fantastic application allows ..

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Review: Gumdrop Moto Skin Case For iPod Touch 4

Way back on December the 1st, of 2010, I unboxed the Gumdrop Moto-Skin for the 4th generation iPod Touch, after quite a bit of testing, we're now ready to give you the full review. ..

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Review: Rearth Ringke Case For iPod Touch 4

Always on the hunt for interesting and new products, I was very intrigued by the Ringke case from Rearth. This premium silicone case for the iPod Touch 4 is something completely di ..

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How To: Iconify Your iOS Folders For Better Organization

Folders in iOS has to be one of the most valuable features of the mobile OS, especially after downloading hundreds of apps. I have to admit it was rather annoying to have to sc ..

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Find iPhone Apps Instantly With App Store Instant

With the App Store growing daily, it can be hard to find applications easily.  With App Store instant search by the folks over at App of the day, you can now quickly find some ..

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iPod Touch 4 Unboxed

The new fourth generation iPod Touch was released today. I went up and over to the Apple store bright and early to grab one.  Here is the unboxing video.  A review will follo ..

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